Should You Get a Spray Tan for Your Wedding?

Should You Get A Spray Tan For Your Wedding

Every Bride Asks – Should I Get A Spray Tan For My Wedding?

A spray tan is for many brides is a “Must Have” accessory.
A spray tan evens out skin imperfections and will last for the honeymoon as well. Gone are the days of spray tans being orange and streaky and needing hours to develop.
The tanning solutions we use are non orange, fast developing and nourishing for your skin.

  1. Should You Get a Spray Tan for Your Wedding?
  2. Tips for Getting a Spray Tan for the Wedding
  3. Work with a Spray Tan Artist (and Ditch the Self-Tanner!)
  4. Get a Trial Spray Tan Before Your Makeup Trial
  5. Book Your Mobile Spray Tan Appointment Today

Tips for Getting a Spray Tan for the Wedding

Tips for a spray tanned bride and for the bridal party too!
Many brides work the spray tanning appointments ( and trials) into the bridal planning and budget.
A great spray tan lasts 1 to 2 weeks so it makes sense to have a couple of tanning trials in the lead up to you big day.
Read our page on Skin Preparation This will ensure that you have a perfect canvas for your tan and you have long lasting even tan results.
If you have more questions – our FAQ page has more answers

Should You Get a Spray Tan for Your Wedding?

Work with a Spray Tan Artist (and Ditch the Self-Tanner!)

We suggest two pre wedding spray tan trials in the lead up to your wedding.
Of course we also give the bride-to-be tips on skincare, exfoliation and moisturising to prepare her skin in the lead up to the wedding and to have her skin looking the best it can be on the wedding day and into the honeymoon.

The first tanning trial should be a couple of months before your wedding day. This will ensure that we get the right tan solution and to see what depth of tan that your skin will go. We can always do an extra layer of tanning solution on the second trial.

The second trial should be around a month out of your wedding and this is the perfect time to book it is with your hens night or a makeup trial.
We can perfect the tan from your first trial and if you needed a little more colour we can add it or if you felt you went too dark we can also adjust this as well.
The tan for your wedding should be done 2 days before the big day and make sure you follow all the skin preparation tips so it is a perfect tan.

Having the two trials in the lead up will ensure that you can work with your spray tan artist to perfect your color and ask any questions you have before the wedding.

Get a Trial Spray Tan Before Your Makeup Trial

We advise to have a spray tan when you are having you hair and makeup trial and to book this spray tan trial in two days before your hair and make-up trial.
This way, you and your makeup artist have will the final look for your wedding day makeup perfected before your wedding day with the correct foundation colour and eye makeup techniques for your complexion.
There will be no last minute changes needed if your skin tone is different from the day of a makeup trial.
Tanned skin can require extra cheek contouring work and your lip colour choice is also affected by your skin tone and depth. Tanned skin requires different highlighting techniques as well.
If you decide not to tan your face, the makeup artist will also be prepared with the right foundation tones to blend in your face tone into your body tone. You do not want to have a pale face against a tanned body.

It is always advisable to get a spray tan done 2 days before any occasion or event.
Our Wednesday and Thursday appointments are always in high demand for girls (and guys) getting tans done before the weekend events

If you are having a spray tan for any special occasion, it is best to have at least one trial in the lead up to the event. This will ensure that you’re happy with your colour and to get “used” to your new tanned colour so that on your big event you can step out with confidence and not feel self conscious.
A perfect spray tan is a way to add instant confidence as you know your skin will always look smoother and more even when it is tanned.

Book Your Mobile Spray Tan Appointment Today

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