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Spray Tanning Skin Prep


Skin Prep Prior to your Tan:

We want your tan to be AMAZING and last!!

Your prep before we visit you is vital to your tan results.

Smooth and moisturized skin is the key!

This can be achieved by : Exfoliation and reducing dry skin areas

Exfoliation -Thoroughly exfoliate to remove any dead skin

24+ hours before your appointment. Areas to pay special

attention to are the back of your neck, your elbows, the back of

your hands, your knees, your ankles, the back of your heel and

the tops of your feet.

Exfoliation Mitts - These are great if you have some existing fake tan to remove)

Body Scrubs - Just ensure that the granules are not to harsh – You do not want to irritate your skin. If the body scrub has oils in the formulation – you will need to cleanse the oils away

Dry Brushing – Great way to remove dead skin cells and great for your circulation

AHA or Enzyme based products - These use natural chemical to soften and remove dry skin – no need to rub but they can be pricey and some sensitive skins may react. Do the exfoliation the day before your tan


The skin needs to be moisturized and this needs to be done with water based products and not oily products.

Oils will inhibit the tan from adhering to the skin and break the tan down on the skin if used post tan. Avoid oil products several days prior to and for the duration of

your spray tan.

Do not apply any moisturizer under 8 hours of the spray tan 

Hair Removal

You only need to remove the hair you would normally wax or shave.

No need to do areas that you usually leave hair on – eg arms or the tops of your legs

Waxing needs to be done 48 hours before a spray tan

Shaving the day before your tan


Ensure you have your manicure or pedicure the day before your tan.

If you have not had a mani or pedi before the tan – Consider wearing polish on your nails as the spray tan may stain your nails

This is a great way to minimize dry skin on the cuticles and

finger joints and on your toes and heels

This is where dry skin can make your spray tan look darker –

But we are very aware of this and take preventive measures in these regions too!

On the Day

If you have blonde hair – Make sure you securely tie it up high off your face and neck as the tan can stain blonde hair.

Please do not wear any deodorant, perfume, body lotion or makeup. (Most antiperspirants are water resistant so give your armpit area a really good wash to remove any remaining product on the skin.) Products on the skin create barriers to the spray tan and the results will be an uneven tan.

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After your tan has been applied:

Wear loose dark coloured clothing. Avoid wearing your bra for at least 4 hours and no socks!   

Avoid getting wet

Water is the biggest enemy of a spray tan

Ensure that you stay dry after the session and wait till the tan has developed. Different tan brands will have different development times and will will give you different solution and brand options

Do not exercise after a spray tan. do not go for a swim after your spray tan and stay cool – Do not get sweaty

Exercise after you have had the first shower after your tan.


When it is finally shower time – Make it a quick coolish shower and use water only. No soaps or washes and do not wash your hair

Gently pat your skin dry – no rubbing.

When rinsing your tan off, have a very quick, water only shower. Avoid washing your hair and using any products, which will cause streaks in your tan.

​The day after your tan start moisturizing your skin with water based lotions

Do not exfoliate after your tan

Avoid long hot baths, spa pools and swimming pools

By following these guidelines – you will have 7 to 10 days of being tanned 

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